Viton Sponge Rubber Sheet

Mosites # 1028 Sponge Rubber Sheet made from Viton, a brand of the Chemours Company

Mosites # 1028 Sponge is a closed cell sponge formulation that is manufactured with a continuous skin on both sides. The skin makes the sponge stronger and more tear resistant. Even when the skin is punctured or cut, the sheets will not allow passage of air or fluid between cells. The non-absorbent sheets are highly compressible, resilient, light weight and provide good thermal insulation.

Mosites is one of the few companies to offer a closed cell sponge rubber sheet made from Dupont Performance Elastomers Viton polymer. This product is available in various thicknesses.

This product is used where a low a pressure sealing application makes it difficult to use dense Viton sheet material.

Like dense Viton sheet, Mosites #1028 Sponge is generally resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, oils, fuels, ozone and weather, lubricants and animal or vegetable oils. It is also resistant to acids and hot water.

Mosites #1028 Sponge sheets have a service temperature range of -10°F to 400°F however, elevated temperature while under compression will have an adverse effect on the resilience of this material.

Available in .125”, .250”, .375”, .500”. Call for sheet sizes available in each thickness.

Sponge Rubber Sheet

Typical Physical Properties
Thickness 1/8″ 1/4″ 3/8″ 1/2″
Water Pick-Up (% Weight Increase) 0.00% 0.02% 0.06% 0.01%
Compression Set (%)
(22 hours at 75° F)
(22 hours at 158° F)
Low Temperature Brittleness (° F) -10°F -10°F -10°F -10°F
Compression Deflection (psi)
(25% Deflection—original)
(25% Deflection—7 days at 400° F)
Density—Lbs per cubic foot 19 17 15 10
Thickness Tolerance +.050

Low Density, Closed Cell, Skin Both Sides

Sheet Size
1/8" X 28" X 56"
1/4" X 30" X 56"
3/8" X 30" X 56"
1/2" X 30" X 56"


  • Viton ® A

Price Breaks:

  • 1-4 Sheets
  • 5 Sheets & Over


  • Color: Black
  • PSA one side is an additional cost
  • Viton® is a registered trade mark of The Chemours Company

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