10149 Viton® Sheet

Mosites #10149 is a 55 durometer black premium grade Viton® compound. It has excellent resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum oils, fuels, ozone and weather, lubricants, and animal or vegetable oils. It has a service temperature range of –10 degrees F to 400 deg. F.

Mosites #10149 is not recommended for service in acids or hot water and steam. Mosites has other Viton® compounds that are recommended for these applications.

Viton® is not recommended for service in low molecular weight esters and ethers, ketones, certain amines, hot anhydrous hydrofluoric or chlorosulphonic acids and alkyl phosphate esters.

The physical properties shown below were obtained on molded 0.080 inch thick ASTM samples. They are typical of Mosites #10149 but they should not be used to set Quality Control Specification minimum requirements.

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Typical Physical Properties
Hardness (shore A) 53
Tensile Strength (psi) 1167
Elongation at Break (%) 581%
Modulus at 300% Elongation (psi) 467
Tear Strength (ppi) 93
Specific Gravity 1.68
Compression Set % (22 Hours at 350° F) 34%

55 Durometer Light Fabric Impression Finish


  • Premium Grade
  • Viton® A
Inches Millimeters
1/32" 0.794
1/16" 1.588
1/8" 3.175
3/16" 4.763
1/4" 6.350

36" Wide Continuous Length Rolls – untrimmed

Price Breaks:

  • 1-9 Sq. Yds.
  • 10 Sq. Yds. & Over

Inches Millimeters
1/8" 3.175

48" Wide Continuous Length Rolls – untrimmed

Price Breaks:

  • 1-9 Lin. Yds.
  • 10 Lin. Yds. & Over


  • Color: Black
  • Viton® is a registered trade mark of The Chemours Company