Inventory Shelf Wide - Mosites Rubber Company

Rubber shelf life refers to the duration during which rubber materials retain their optimal performance and properties when properly stored. It is important to understand and manage the shelf life of rubber products to ensure their reliability and effectiveness in various applications.

Several factors can influence the shelf life of rubber products. These include:

  • Rubber Type: Different types of rubber exhibit varying levels of resistance to degradation over time. Understanding the specific characteristics of the rubber used in your products is crucial in determining its expected shelf life.
  • Environmental Conditions: Temperature, humidity, exposure to light, and the presence of chemicals or ozone can accelerate the degradation of rubber. Proper storage conditions play a significant role in preserving the integrity of rubber materials.
  • Formulation and Additives: The composition of rubber compounds, including additives, fillers, and curing agents, can impact the shelf life. Careful selection of ingredients and formulations is essential for optimizing longevity.