Rubber Pad Repair

Rubber Pad Repair

Rubber Pad Repair

One type of metal forming operation utilizes male tooling in a bladder press. Hydraulic fluid pressure is exerted against a thick rubber diaphragm causing it to force a metal blank onto the mail tooling form.

Tray Pads

In order to protect this thick complex rubber diaphragm from damage by the metal blanks, a replaceable Mosites Tray Pad is used between it and the metal blank.

Hydroform Pads

If the part being formed has sharp edges or extremely deep draw areas, standard hydroform pads can be used situated under the tray pad to minimize the danger of punctures.

Repairing Worn and Damaged Bladders

If the primary pad is punctured and or is heavily damaged from repeated use we have the capability of making repairs to the damaged bladder.

Cost Effectiveness

Some customers have experienced longer cycle life out of a badly damaged and repaired bladder than from a new bladder. Quick turn around on repairs makes this a very attractive alternative to a new bladder purchase.