Shipping and Shelf Life of Uncured Silicone Materials

The following guidelines are to be used to help customers understand how to protect uncured silicone rubber from the time it leaves the manufacturing shipping dock until it is used in fabrication. The information includes silicones utilizing peroxide cure systems only and not platinum cure systems.


Mosites Rubber Company has a long history of transporting uncured silicone rubber sheet via LTL without refrigeration in all seasons and is considered safe and efficient within the United States.

Overseas shipments of uncured silicone via cargo ships however are not recommended as the product may reach high temperatures for extended periods of time. Mosites does not dictate the shipping methods to customers, and therefore will not be held responsible for the short shelf life of products transported in this manner. It is recommended that uncured silicone be shipped via airfreight. However, LTL without refrigeration may be used for transporting from the manufacturer to the airport and from the airport to final destination.

Handling and Storage

We recommend that all uncured silicone be placed in a freezer or a refrigerated storage unit upon receipt of the shipment. If a freezer is not available, the material should be used within 8 weeks after its date of manufacture. When stored at temperatures 0 deg. F to 40 deg. F, the material will be usable for a minimum of 6 months.