14366 Silicone

The physical properties shown below were obtained on 0.080 inch thick molded ASTM samples. They are typical of Mosites #14366 silicone rubber compound, but they should not be used to set Quality Control Specification minimum requirements.

This compound is translucent, 20 durometer, peroxide catalyzed Silicone Rubber formulation, with excellent elongation and low modulus values.

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Typical Physical Properties
Hardness (Shore A) 20
Tensile Strength (psi) 1192*
Elongation at Break (%) 1084%
Modulus at 100% Elongation (psi) 64
Modulus at 300% Elongation (psi) 167
Tear Strength (ppi) 157
Specific Gravity 1.10
Compression Set (%) (22 Hours at 350°F) 25%
* The tensile specimen elongation value exceeded the limits of our instrument and did not break.