14284 Thermally Conductive Silicone

Mosites #14284 is a 60 Durometer, thermally conductive silicone rubber sheet.

The physical properties shown below were obtained on 0.080 inch thick molded ASTM samples. They are typical of Mosites #14284, thermally conductive, silicone rubber compound, but they should not be used to set Quality Control Specification minimum requirements.

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Typical Physical Properties
Hardness (Shore A) 62
Tensile Strength (psi) 500
Elongation at Break (%) 310%
Modulus at 100% Elongation (psi) 290
Modulus at 300% Elongation (psi) 480
Tear Strength (ppi)  73
Specific Gravity 2.55
Compression Set (%) (22 Hours at 350°F) 29%
Color Light Blue
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) (BTU in/h/ft²/:F)   0.74 5.12