14206 Silicone – Uncured Silicone Adhesive Tape

Mosites #14206 is an uncured silicone compound that is furnished in roll form and can be used to bond both cured and uncured silicone sheet to itself or to prepared metal surfaces. The product requires the application of heat (300F for 30 minutes) and slight contact pressure in order to obtain the optimum in cure and bond strength. Care should be taken to protect surfaces not intended to be bonded by using release film such as FEP or Teflon to protect the surface. After vulcanization of the Mosites # 14206 is accomplished, no further protection is necessary. Primer is recommended for metal bonding applications. A primer is not recommended for bonding cured silicone to itself or when using the uncured # 14206 to repair torn areas of vacuum blankets. This material has a temperature service range of – 100°F to + 450°F.

The physical properties shown below were obtained on molded 0.080-inch thick ASTM samples. They are typical of Mosites # 14206 Adhesive, but they should not be used to set Quality Control Specification minimum requirements.

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Typical Physical Properties
Hardness (Shore A) 70
Tensile Strength (psi) 1000
Elongation (%) 240%
Modulus at 300% Elongation (psi) 400
Tear Strength (ppi) 122
Specific Gravity 1.14
Color Gray

Available Sizes

  • 1" wide x .040" thick x 30 ft. long
  • 3" wide x .040" thick x 30 ft. long


  • Prices are F.O.B. Fort Worth, Texas
  • This is a heat curable adhesive. Cure 30 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Light to medium pressure is recommended during cure. Mosites #14206 must be cured in oxygen free atmosphere.
  • A shelf life 6 months or longer can be expected if this material is kept refrigerated under 40 degrees Fahrenheit.